Memorable Family Photos on Your Next Vacation: My Favorite Tip

Tired of missing out on family vacation photos because you’re always the one taking them? Discover a game-changing resource that puts you in the picture too!

I love looking back at family photos to relive our special moments together. If you are like me, I’m usually the one clicking away, ensuring every giggle and milestone is captured, especially for the grandparents who still can’t get enough of these updates. But here’s the rub – I’m hardly in any of these memories myself, or if I am, it’s usually an awkward snapshot since I refuse to haul around a selfie stick! 🙂

A few years back, one of my work colleagues shared some amazing photos taken during a surprise proposal. They used a service called Flytographer — a female founded business that connects travelers with local photographers all around the world. I’ve taken Flytographer for a spin on two vacations and was so impressed by the results, I just had to spread the word. If you’re curious about elevating your next vacation with some stellar photos, here’s the scoop on why you might want to consider them.

How It Works

I booked everything via their website, and their concierge service helped coordinate the session for me based on my date, location, and photographer availability.

What’s nice about the service is you can choose from a few photographers for each destination and see samples of their photos before you decide who you want to work with. I loved that part–it gave me an opportunity to work with someone I felt had the style I was looking for.

After linking up with the photographer, I shared my vision and expectations for our session. Flytographer provides a handy style guide, making the prep work a breeze and ensuring you’re on the same page. For an extra dash of creativity, compiling a Pinterest board with your favorite shoot concepts and sharing it with your photographer can spark more inspiration.

A quick tip: Booking early is key. It gives you a wider selection of dates and photographers to choose from, ensuring you get the perfect match for your shoot.

Turnaround Time

Just five days after our shoot, an email arrived with a link to beautifully curated images. They had filtered out all the misses – no awkward blinks or unflattering angles here. It was refreshing not having to comb through endless photos to find the keepers. The link provided access to high-resolution pictures, offering a diverse selection of moments captured.

On both occasions, the photographers we worked with were local to the area, knew all the great spots, and were super chill and skilled at capturing some magical moments.

All we had to do was show up and feel our best. It helps to chat with the photographer once you are in person to ensure you’re on the same page about what you want from the shoot, and so you can have fun while they snap away.

The result? Instead of a lot of awkward selfies and blurry iPhone photos, we returned home with souvenirs that captured our memorable trip together. That was a big win in my book.


They offer multiple packages at varying price points so you can book a session that aligns with your vision and budget. From 30, 60, and 90 to 120-minute sessions, they really do have something for everyone. Here’s a link to get $25 off if you book a session.

Here’s to creating (and capturing) memories to last a lifetime.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. What an amazing service! Definitely going to try it the next time I travel to a beautiful place. Love your photos — so fun!

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