Holiday Gift Guide (The Cozy Edition)

My friend Drea Mastropaolo is here with a fabulous holiday gift guide full of the comfiest, coziest items for your holiday wish list – I mean gift list! Let’s go shopping!

The season of twinkling lights, crackling fireplaces, and mugs filled with liquid warmth is upon us. I’m here to sprinkle a dash of comfort and well-being onto your holiday shopping list. So, buckle up your sleigh, sip your cocoa (extra marshmallows, please), and join me on a journey through a wonderland of cozy luxury. Because let’s face it, ’tis the season to treat your loved ones (and yourself!) to a bit of snuggly extravagance. Let the merry madness begin!

#1: White + Warren Cashmere Travel Wrap

I first saw this White + Warren cashmere wrap in a high-end spa and I couldn’t resist going over to touch it. It feels even better than it looks. It is at a higher price point, but it’s definitely a “you only need one” item and a versatile choice at that.

This wrap is honestly the yummiest and comes in so many beautiful colors – Treat YOURself! (or at least add it to your holiday wish list so someone else can treat you!)

#2. White + Warren Loungewear

If ‘merely’ having the wrap is not luxe enough for you, then check out their incredible Loungewear.

Their line includes cashmere robes (I felt these in person and was in cashmere heaven), plus the ability to create a full suit with sweatshirts, joggers and/or wide-leg pants. I may never change again. Don’t sneer at the socks or ballet slippers either!

#3. Love Mert Heart-Shaped Eye Pillows

I was in one of my favorite little Philly boutiques and the colors on these heart-shaped eye pillows caught my attention right away. Once I picked one up and felt the fabric and quality (hand-marbled mill end cotton with a raw silk backing) and took a little sniff of the lightly scented lavender (think organic flaxseed and lavender, not that punch you in the face fake smelling lavender) I was already trying to decide which color option to buy.

I love the shape and how the heart hugs your eyes instead of the traditional eye pillows that you are always fidgeting with to stay put. These make a sweet little gift this holiday season. Share the love!

#4. Sabah: High-end leather Turkish slippers

I first saw a cousin wearing a pair of these and had to know where they came from! She told me they were “Sabahs” and I immediately went online to search for them. They have SO many beautiful colors and fabrics and they are always coming out with new ones.

This company has a line of go-to classics, but they also feature special limited colors. I personally have the “Babas” – the Fort Worth Brown Shearling Baba, and I not only wear them as slippers, but they are so cute to run and grab your coffee in, or put them on for a long car ride when you don’t want to wear your shoes quite yet.

Not going to lie – I visit the site often and dream about what color and style I might buy next. A Bronze Shearling Baba – oh my! An Electric Blue Suede Sabah – yes please! Palazzo Green Velvet Baba for the Holidays?! Sizing is true to size for Sabahs, but they do suggest sizing up for the Shearling Babas. Go ahead and follow them on Instagram as they are always having Pop Up Shops.

Oh my gosh, as I was typing this I came across the Azalea Pink Crushed Velvet Baba – love!

#5. Voluspa French Cade Lavender Lux Jar Candle

There is something about the look of a Voluspa candle that pulls me right in. Maybe it’s the beautifully detailed glass jar with the decorative lid or the label – whatever it is, these say “luxury” to me.

I was given a “French Cade Lavender” candle once as a gift. My first thought was that I wouldn’t normally buy that scent on its own. Boy was I wrong. Once I started burning that candle I have not looked back.

I always have one burning in my home, usually have a backup or two in different sizes, and often grab a few smaller ones when I am out so I have them on hand to give as gifts. I am not sure what it is about this scent, but I can’t keep my nose off of it. Grab yourself a Luxe Jar Candle or Luxe Reed Diffuser (yes, I have these too), and pick up a couple of littles for your friends and family. Let’s leave the Bath and Body Works candles where they are…

Happy shopping, everyone!

Drea Mastropaolo

Drea, a creative professional based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is fueled by a passion for international travel and artistic exploration. Currently employed at a global advertising agency, she excels in diverse creative pursuits, including writing, poetry, drawing, photography, and crafts. Drea’s a self-proclaimed “professional shopper” (for herself, of course – wink!). She enjoys sharing her favorite finds with friends. Besides contributing to Career Insight Studio, she’s designing merchandise to support a wellness business.

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