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Welcome to Career Insight Studio! I’m so happy you’re here. 

Looking back at certain phases of my life as a corporate career mom in tech, I remember how hard it was to balance it all.

I was constantly on the hunt for solutions to manage my time and energy while developing a career and nurturing a family. As a mom of two incredible young kids, I wanted to be there for my children, my partner, my home AND my job. How to make it all work in harmony?

It felt like a lot.

In my 20+ years in tech, I’ve come across some incredible people to act as sounding boards. These include mentors, managers, coworkers, vendors, trainers and executives. All have shaped and supported my career growth in some meaningful way.

But despite all that external support, it was tough to put all the disparate information together in one place so that I could actually implement it in my day-to-day life.

Slowly, over time, I began to find my path. From learning how to manage conflict in the workplace to taking charge of self-care, I’m happy to say that things DID start to get easier.

Ready for New Adventures

Once I hit a milestone birthday, it caused me to reflect on many things: My career, how I was handling (or not handling) my daughter’s transition to college, what brought me joy, and where I needed to become a change agent in my own life.
After several ah-ha moments, I realized that I wanted to be intentional about the next phase of my life. But what would that look like?

I began to immerse myself in books, articles and other tried-and-true resources focused on creating my dream life.

And then I hit on it. The spark I needed centered around what was missing for me – a creative outlet that was all my own.

And Career Insight Studio was born.

Developing this blog has helped me tap into my entrepreneurial spirit and provided a new experience – one that I hope will help other working women as they try to juggle career and family. By no means do I have career advice on every topic, which is why I have worked to gather a network of incredibly smart, empowered women to provide their own wisdom, insights and strategies as guest bloggers.

My goal with Career Insight Studio is to share perspectives and resources that may be helpful in making your time as a working mom easier, less stressful and more purposeful. If you are in the early or middle part of your career trying to juggle work and family, my hope is that you will find valuable insights here.

Let the journey begin…

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Danielle Cullivan

Career Insight Studio

Danielle Cullivan is a seasoned leader in tech with over 20 years of experience in Fortune 500 companies. She is also the creator of Career Insight Studio, a career and lifestyle blog dedicated to providing insights and new perspectives for working women. Danielle lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and high-school-aged son, and visits her college-age daughter as often as possible! 

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