Do Cleanses Really Work for Losing Weight? My Honest Review

My honest review after testing out the Dr. Kellyann Cleanse and Reset, plus tips and tricks for using the program effectively!

Like so many women, every spring I get frustrated by my weight. Why is it so easy to pack on pounds but so hard to take them off? 

Though I consider myself to be a healthy eater, the occasional donut hole or Starbucks blueberry scone is no match for my light exercise routine and fluctuating hormones. And living in Portland where the winter months are excessively rainy, it can be easy to opt out on a walk when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

When springtime rolls around and I have to size up to fit into my clothes, I often feel the itch to try something new to help me reset.   

Why I Tried This Meal Replacement Cleanse

The promotion for the Dr. Kellyann 5-day Cleanse & Reset came in through my Instagram feed but I had known about Dr. Kellyann for a long time and already had one of her books. 

I try not to fall for fad diets and quick fixes, but I’ve always been curious if these things actually work so I decided to try it for myself.  

How It Works

Essentially, this is a simple 5-day cleanse. You get a box for each day that contains packets for the day. You just add water to each mix. 

  • Morning: Lemon Sip & Super Chocolate Smoothie
  • Afternoon: Bone broth, Super Berry Smoothie & Lemon Sip 
  • Evening: Lemon Chicken Soup and Lemon Sip 

You also get a daily email with words of encouragement and tips as you go through it, and then a follow-up on what to do after the cleanse. For me, this was a great way to stay on top of my progress. 

The cost seemed a little steep, but once I broke down the cost by meal it seemed more reasonable. You get 3 meals a day for 5 days so when I did the cleanse, it netted out about $14.60 per meal. If you count the bone broth soup and lemon sips that come with it, the cost is actually less.

What the Dr. Kellyann Cleanse Was Like (For Me!)

I won’t lie…when the box came, I opened it up and thought to myself: “How the heck am I going to do this for 5 days?”

Dr. Kellyann suggested “prepping” yourself before starting, so I set it aside and waited until the following weekend when I was mentally ready to give up all my sweet and salty goodies. Here’s how it went.

Day 1: Given my busy work schedule, I do love having a food routine where I don’t have to think about what to eat/prep. Having breakfast, lunch and dinner already planned out for me was a plus.

Upon first tasting, I was pleasantly surprised by the flavors. The Lemon sip drink was refreshing and easy to drink. You can add more water if the flavor is too strong. 

I loved the taste of the chocolate and berry smoothies – plus they were filling. I mixed them with ice in a blender which tasted better to me than just adding ice cubes. 

The Bone broth definitely needed some seasoning, which she suggests. The Lemon Chicken soup was the only meal that I didn’t love. It was also tough having soup for dinner when the boys were eating delicious takeout, but I was strong! So far, so good.

Day 2: Day two started out really well. But I’m not gonna lie – I ended up eating a leftover turkey burger patty at lunchtime since I felt really hungry. Oops!

Day 3: I started getting used to the routine and felt encouraged to keep going. As a full-time working mom, not having to think about meal prep was a huge bonus. I did eat a few steamed veggies before I had to take some medication so I wouldn’t take those on an empty stomach. All in all, a good day.

Day 4: Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy! This definitely got easier as time went along.

Day 5: I made it! By the end of the cleanse, my sugar cravings were pretty much gone which, for someone with a major sweet tooth, was definitely a pleasant surprise. Technically I didn’t stick to the cleanse 100% but I still felt like it was effective for me.  

Final Thoughts/Results on the Cleanse

Overall, I lost 4.5 pounds and felt more energetic. While the ads on IG claim that people can lose 8-10 pounds, I was happy with my results. I probably would have lost more if I had stuck to it 100% but it was nice to give my body a break from eating not-so-healthy foods. 

The real takeaway from this cleanse was that it helped me to get started with a new routine. After the cleanse, I felt less inclined to eat sugary foods and found it easier to stick to a healthy routine. It definitely felt like a reset.

After day 5, I got an email on how to keep the momentum going post-cleanse…and, no surprise, she directs you to follow one of her plans. I dusted off the book that I already had and got started with my meals on my own. 

How to Purchase 

I ordered the Cleanse & Reset kit directly from Dr. Kellyann’s website and it took a while to ship. They sent a 10% coupon code via email to use on additional purchases from the DKA website. She sends a lot of emails so if you don’t want that or need it, I found the Cleanse & Reset kit on Amazon which is probably where I’d order it if I decide to do it again. 

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